Build fond memories with your children and grandchildren with the LINCOLN LOGS Horseshoe Hill Station. With this set your little one can build and recreate epic moments from the American frontier! This LINCOLN LOGS building set contains over 75 stained wood pieces, plus a plastic roof, door, and flag. Each package also comes with two plastic figures — a cowboy and a horse. Each wooden piece is easy to hold and stack — perfect for children as young as three years old to strengthen their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness. With the easy-to-follow instruction sheet, your little builder can construct different cottages and horse stables, or they can flex their imagination muscles and craft builds of their own. This educational construction toy also introduces STEAM (science, technology, engineer, arts, and math) subjects to children. Plus, LINCOLN LOGS helps hone fine motor skills and critical-thinking capabilities. LINCOLN LOGS is dubbed America’s National Toy™ because of its 100 years of providing high-quality educational toys.

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