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classics for the new generation!

In 1930, Fisher Price set standards for each of their toys that are still in place today. These standards included: intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, good value and action.

The goal was to create toys that appealed to a child’s imagination and encouraged interactive play. Toys that satisfied the natural interests of each age level and that looked, acted as toys should. Toys that combined whimsy, action, sound and that made growing up a delightful experience.

Tape Recorder | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
TV Radio | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!

joy of learning

Basic Fun’s whimsy, action-filled Fisher-Price Classic toys make growing up a delightful experience!

Cash Register | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Cash Register
The Cash Register comes with brightly-colored coins that teach children how to count and recognize colors.
Changeable Picture Disk Camera | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Changeable Picture Disk Camera
This Fisher-Price Classics retro style camera comes with 3 picture discs with full color images!
Chatter Phone | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Chatter Phone
The Chatter Telephone makes children smile with eyes that move up and down and a rotary dial that rings!

Little People & Vehicles Set | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Little People & Vehicles Set
Retro-styled figures and vehicles for kids of today!
Little Snoopy | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Little Snoopy
Pull Little Snoopy to see him wobble along and his ears swing!
Music Box Ferris Wheel | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Music Box Ferris Wheel
Wind the knob for the Ferris Wheel to revolve and listen to the tune!

Pocket Camera | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Pocket Camera
The Fisher-Price Pocket Camera resembled popular 35mm cameras of the time!
Record Player | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Record Player
This endearing classic comes with 5 “playable” records for a total of 10 songs.
See and Say | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
See and Say
The classic Farmer Says teaches about 12 animals and the sound they make.

Simmering Saucepan | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Simmering Saucepan
Realistic cooking action with see-through pan featuring liquid and spices that “boil” when pan is shaken!
Tape Recorder | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Tape Recorder
Amplify and record your voice using the microphone. Sing along to clips of six classic nursery songs!
Tap N Turn | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Tap N Turn
Hammer away, flip and play with this double-sided toolbench!

TV Radio | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
TV Radio
Listen to the TV Radio play the “Farmer-in-the-Dell” melody while whimsical scenes scroll across the window!
Xylophone | Fisher • Price | Basic Fun!
Xylophone has made music and delighted children all over the world. Tap the 8 notes with the mallet to make a song!

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